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All you need to know about CTOS Report

Applying for a loan is very simple in Malaysia. The process involves a straightforward process where you only need to determine what you need and the banks (or financial institution) will do the rest. How and what they check? In all cases of

Malaysia China Foreign Exchange Services

Bank of China is a leading market maker in global foreign exchange. Their experts tailor programs to meet virtually all your foreign exchange needs, from forecasts and exposure analysis to pricing, execution and delivery. Bank of China provide insightful and timely advice and innovative

Energy Derivatives

The Energy Risk Management and Commodities Group is part of one of the largest energy financing banks in the world. As a leader in the global energy derivative markets, Bank of China delivers exceptional access across an array of energy risk management products and

Emerging markets

Bank of China and its affiliates are world leaders in structuring and distributing debt to emerging markets around the globe and providing investors with attractive investment opportunities. A dedicated group manages capital markets, foreign exchange, risk management and fixed income products for emerging markets.

Convertibles from Bank of China

Bank of China Securities provides extensive sales and trading of convertible bonds and preferred for institutional clients. Their market making group ranks near the top in daily trading volume of leading convertible and equity linked securities, including convertible debt, convertible trust preferred and exchangeable securities.

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