Convertibles from Bank of China

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Bank of China Securities provides extensive sales and trading of convertible bonds and preferred for institutional clients. Their market making group ranks near the top in daily trading volume of leading convertible and equity linked securities, including convertible debt, convertible trust preferred and exchangeable securities.

Who Can Benefit

Institutional investors in convertibles, including growth and income funds, equity income buyers, dedicated convertible accounts, hedge funds and fixed income buyers.


Their experienced professionals provide a wide variety of convertible related products to meet the diverse needs of institutional money managers.


  • Over the Counter Convertible Debentures.
  • Over the Counter Convertible Preferred.
  • Over the Counter and Listed Mandatory Convertible Securities.
  • Listed Convertible Preferred.
  • Non-Dollar Convertible Debentures.
  • On Demand or Synthetic Convertible Securities: extensive experience in structuring customized products to meet the specific needs of the investor, such as hedging significant single stock exposure or investing in companies with no existing outstanding convertible securities.


Their Convertible Sales and Trading Department assists clients by providing:

  • Facilitation.
  • Capital commitment.
  • Trading expertise.
  • Order flow.
  • Securities valuation.

Leadership Position of Bank of China and its Affiliates

  • A leading broker in daily volume in listed convertible preferred and mandatory securities.
  • A leader in daily volume in over the counter preferred and debentures.
  • Their Equity Financial Products Group is recognized as an innovator in structuring. Their hybrid preferred security called RHINOS (Redeemable Hybrid Income Overnight Securities) has met with considerable success in the markets.
  • #2 in global equity–linked issuance for U.S. issuers (full credit to bookrunner, equal if joint) for the first nine months of 2004 (Thomson Financial).
At Bank of China, they work closely with their corporate clients — no matter how large or established they are. Bank of China works closely with financial institutions and Government Agencies, nation-wide and across the Globe to meet your every financial needs. Find out how so many of their corporate clients have discovered the keys to their financial success.
Trade Financing
Turn the financial keys to connect you to the world Find out how they can assist you in breaking into the international market by increasing your purchasing power without risks and financial constraints.
Credit Facilities
Their skilled and resourceful Corporate Banking Managers hold the keys for you to open the doors of added flexibility or emergency funds that you need to succeed in the business. Find out the many different forms of credit facilities and financial guarantees available for you to unleash
Treasury & Investment Services
Discover the varied financial keys available to optimize your fund. Their trained officers can also offer you expert advice and views on foreign exchange, investments, interest rate movements and ways to hedge against these movements using conventional and derivative tools.
 Efficient and Effective
Bank of China’s experienced and friendly officers will see to it that your financial transactions — whether it is to a client across the Nation or the Globe — are conducted in a safe, speedy and reliable manner.
Value Added Corporate Account Services
Open this door to discover how their flexible Payroll Plus System, Corporate terminals and Night Depository Services can help you increase overall efficiency at your organization.
Capital Markets
Bank of China provides solutions to your financing requirements by structuring, arranging and executing debt raising through loan syndications and private debt securities under both Islamic and conventional concepts.

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