Malaysia China Foreign Exchange Services

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Bank of China is a leading market maker in global foreign exchange. Their experts tailor programs to meet virtually all your foreign exchange needs, from forecasts and exposure analysis to pricing, execution and delivery. Bank of China provide insightful and timely advice and innovative currency strategies. Bank of China also offer the research and analytics you need to support your own market analysis.

A leading participant in the world’s currency markets, Bank of China deliver 24–hour trading capabilities in 90 currencies in established and emerging markets worldwide—giving you ready access to the world’s currency markets.

Who Can Benefit

Companies, money managers, financial institutions, hedge funds, commodity trading advisors and government entities operating in global markets require an array of foreign exchange services to effectively conduct international transactions and manage risks.

Corporate clients can use currency trading for:

  • Translating offshore revenues and investment income into home currency.
  • Meeting payment obligations for foreign vendors, employees and creditors.
  • Ensuring offshore operations are efficiently funded in local currency.

Investor clients can use currency trading for:

  • Purchasing or selling securities.
  • Managing the currency risk of an international fixed income or equity portfolio.
  • Executing a currency overlay program.

Products and Services Worldwide Trading

  • Spot trading in major, minor and exotic currencies.
  • Short and long–dated forwards on all non–exotic currencies.
  • Non–deliverable forwards pricing in selected exotic currencies.
  • Standard and exotic options.
  • 24–hour trading desk.

Risk Management Advisory

  • Quantitative analysis of client exposure profiles, and back–testing and simulation of hedge strategies.
  • Creation of fundamental, trend and quantitatively–based FX level and volatility forecast models.
  • Review and recommendations for client risk management policies and procedures.
  • Creation of correlation–optimized carry, currency–crises indicator and simulation/optimization models.
  • Research, advisory and publication on corporate and investor risk management topics.

Currency Strategy

  • Economists located on trading floors, responsive to market developments.
  • Global macro–economic coverage of all markets through worldwide network.
  • Regular publication of market research and country analysis available electronically and online.

Options Analysis

  • Full range of option products including standard and exotic options and combinations.
  • Option specialists on all sales desks to advise on hedging and trading strategies.

Technical Analysis

  • 24–hour analysis of chart patterns in major currencies and cross currencies, such as EUR/JPY.
  • Long–term directional forecasting of currencies based on sophisticated charting techniques.

Policy Consulting

  • Assistance in developing foreign exchange management programs.

Collateralized Foreign Exchange Trading

  • Margin trading on spot, forward and option products.

Foreign Exchange Prime Brokerage

  • Clearing services to institutional accounts with online reporting.

Other Services

  • Extensive series of workshops covering topics on risk management, accounting, reporting guidelines, political and macro–economic developments and operational issues.
  • Full–featured Capital Markets Web Site with instant access to research, market commentary, risk analysis tools, portfolio and deal pricing and trading.

Product Strengths

  • Sophisticated solutions tailored to each client’s specific goals, taking into consideration complex tax, accounting and corporate policy issues.
  • Ability to address the opportunities and risks that arise from fluctuating exchange rates.
  • Tools to minimize risks associated with transaction, translation and economic exposures.
  • Enhanced liquidity in global markets.
  • Smooth, efficient execution of currency trades.

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