Emerging markets

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Bank of China and its affiliates are world leaders in structuring and distributing debt to emerging markets around the globe and providing investors with attractive investment opportunities. A dedicated group manages capital markets, foreign exchange, risk management and fixed income products for emerging markets.

Bank of China and its affiliates maintain operations in 15 emerging market countries and coverage of 24 emerging markets. We are active in each of the emerging markets where we have offices, as well as in the major financial centers for emerging market currencies and bonds.

Who Can Benefit

Clients for emerging market debt span corporations and institutional investors, including multinationals, large indigenous corporations and financial institutions. Our products are tailored for both liability solutions and asset driven solutions.

Capabilities of Bank of China and its Affiliates


  • More than 200 sales, trading and research professionals devoted to emerging markets.
  • Emerging market specialists based in 15 emerging market countries and major financial centers, including New York, London and Hong Kong.
  • Emerging market structuring group specializing in tax, legal, regulatory and access needs.
  • Sales relationships with over 250 institutional investors.
  • Active market maker in many FX, derivative and fixed income markets.


  • Foreign exchange: spots, forwards and options.
  • Interest rate and currency derivatives.
  • Locally denominated sovereign and corporate fixed income.
  • International corporate and external sovereign debt.
  • Structured products and solutions.
  • Financing products, including repos and total return swaps.

Product Strengths

  • Innovative structured solutions.
  • Ability to streamline cross border transactions.

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