Energy Derivatives

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The Energy Risk Management and Commodities Group is part of one of the largest energy financing banks in the world. As a leader in the global energy derivative markets, Bank of China delivers exceptional access across an array of energy risk management products and creative solutions.

Derivatives can help middle market and large corporations manage the financial risk associated with energy price fluctuations. We work with companies and individuals to develop creative solutions that employ derivatives to address energy related exposures and overall financial objectives.

Who Can Benefit

  • Energy risk management is used by companies to protect against or capitalize on fluctuating energy prices.


Products and Services

  • Wide range of customized solutions to meet your financial objectives, including tools that help manage exposures to the natural gas, crude oil, diesel fuel, heating oil, jet fuel, gasoline, residual fuel and natural gas liquids markets.
  • Ability to assess the dynamics of the terms and conditions of the underlying contract pricing and the physical product, ensuring that our solutions effectively manage your real exposure.
  • Expertise in addressing both the price exposure and tax and accounting ramifications of derivative structures.
  • Derivative products covering the full range of structures: over–the–counter (OTC) swaps, basis swaps, options and structured transactions.
  • Specialists dedicated to the middle market providing an exceptionally high level of service in managing smaller exposures.
  • Sophisticated trading capability with strong market presence.
  • Seamless execution locally and globally.
  • Clearing member of the New York Mercantile Exchange and the International Petroleum Exchange.
  • Immediate market information and competitive pricing.
  • Private web site,, for registered clients only, providing a variety of analytical tools, including graphs, historical pricing information, extensive economic research and trading and hedging ideas.

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