Is The Q-dees a good franchise opportunity?

Q-Dees has reported that it has more than 200 outlets across the country. This is a good franchise opportunity if you are passionate about children’s education. Q-Dees has its own syllabus and curriculum which have already won awards which means that you have a ready market of customers. Location is not as vital as you can run this business in a house of a residential area.

The Q-dees franchise guide

The Q-Dees name is one of the most established pre-school institutions in Malaysia. It has one of the largest networks of branches in the country through its unique and award-winning programmes. Q-Dees have been established since the early 1990s and have grown to become one of the preferred schools for children in Malaysia.

What makes Q-Dees so popular is its unique Flip Tec course syllabus which allows children to experience a fun and engaging learning process throughout their first few years. To date, Q-Dees have already educated and impacted more than 100,000 children nationwide through its branch network which has exceeded 100 outlets.

The company is operated under the Q-Dees Worldwide Edusystems (M) Sdn Bhd banner. Setting up a pre-school business will require a lot of preparation and one of the major challenges is in the license application.

By being part of the franchise programme offered by Q-Dees, you will now be given the opportunity to start your own pre-school with the guidance from the experts. Starting this business will require an initial capital of RM100,000 where there will be franchise fee of RM50,000.

A monthly 5% royalty from the gross sales will be required where you will be provided with all the relevant support needed to run the school. This includes curriculum updates and development, centralized concert and events, staffing advice as well as location selection.

Apart from that, you will be advised on other aspects of opening a Q-Dees outlet that include renovation, design of school, operations and any other resources needed.