Is The Cambridge English For Life a good franchise opportunity?

This market is very challenging. Unlike Vital Years or Kumon which are already well established in their own respective markets. The Cambridge English for Life meanwhile is targeting at a very niche segment and that will make this business quite hard to sustain. Besides that, you will have to continue with covering the overheads such as staffing and rental which could all be very challenging as well.

The Cambridge English For Life Malaysia franchise Guide

The Cambridge English for Life or CEFL program is one of the most established language schools in Malaysia. It has been around for more than 10 years now in which it has already educated thousands of students through its unique English Language courses.

Through its unique business opportunities, there are 2 main brands that have made inroads into the Malaysian market which are Cambridge English for Life (CEFL) and Cambridge Maths for Life or CMFL which are focused on the respective areas.

Based on the syllabus of the UCLES or Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate or the Cambridge Assessment, this program ensures that the student learn the English Language from the best sources and the leading assessment system in the world.

As such, entering into the franchise program will give you the opportunity to leverage on a very established brand in language education where the franchisee will support you through promotion, teaching and educational methodology, curriculum development and management of the centre.

This will be provided through an expert review on the location of the centre which will not be placed to near to other Cambridge For Life centres. The headquarters is located in Petaling Jaya where you will be required to pay a franchise fee between RM37,000 and RM49,000. The initial setup fees for this business is RM150,000 depending on the location of your outlet. Meanwhile, the monthly royalty fees required is 18% of the monthly gross income while you will need to pay a 1% promotion fee from the monthly income as well.