Is Subway a good franchise opportunity?

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Yes, Subway would be one of the best franchise opportunities around. It has an international branding status and a great menu. Subway has been linked with healthy eating and diet which is the current craze among people these days. The initial franchising fees can be higher than others but its ROI would be one of the best and most lucrative ones around.

International Sandwich Franchise

The Subway brand will surely be one of the most popular healthy food brands known across the world. In Malaysia, Subway is present in many shopping malls, commercial centres, and entertainment outlets and even in universities.

This is one business which can be lucrative as people are becoming more health conscious while Subway is known to offer healthy and fresh food daily.

To be a franchisee for Subway, you will need about RM400,000 to RM800,000 depending on the location and size of your outlet. The franchising fee is RM30,000 which is quite low as compared to many other franchise businesses.

Furthermore, this is an internationally renowned brand where it has already opened more than 165 branches around the country. This means that the demand of Subway products are getting more popular.

There is a promotion fee of 4.5% as well as an 8% royalty fee that you will need to bear when running your own Subway outlet. Apart from that, you will need to find your own location at the advice of the franchiser while you need to bear the cost of equipment and manpower.

The Franchiser will provide all the training and operating procedures involved which will include training and store design, among others.


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