Is Hot n Roll a good franchise opportunity?

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The Hot N Roll brand resonates extremely well with those who are on-the-go. This makes the business very popular among college students and shoppers at malls. It is a good franchise business if you are ready to compete with many other brands that sell snacks and on-the-go foods. Overheads can be relatively high since you need to be at high traffic locations.

More about Hot n Roll

Most people who visit the malls or entertainment outlets will have come across the Hot & Roll kiosks. This is a simple outlet which serves some of the most delicious baked food products. Hot & Roll outlets are very popular among people who like ‘wraps’ and especially among those who are ‘on-the-go’. Owned by Hot & Roll Holdings Sdn Bhd, it offer some of the most delicious wraps like the Crispy, Paratha and Chapatti wraps which are the trademark of this company.

Now, franchises can be part of this exciting brand where they will enjoy low start-up cost, easy to manage kiosks and low-barrier of entry into the market. In the current market, there are still very few food kiosks that offer this type of variety which are fast, efficient and healthy.

There are generally 3 packages when it comes to franchising the Hot & Roll business. This is largely dependent on the size of the outlet. Concept 1 takes up about 80 to 90 square feet which will require a franchise fee of RM10,000. Concept 2 requires RM15,000 in franchise fee that allows a space of 91 to 120 square feet while those that are 121 square feet and larger will require a RM20,000 franchise fee.

All 3 concepts will come with a 5-years duration while royalty fees are pegged at 5% of the monthly gross sales. Outlet development cost is minimum of RM69,000 for Concept 1, RM85,000 for Concept 2 and RM120,000 for Concept 3 where training is provided for the staff employed in the outlet.


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