Billboard Advertising in Malaysia

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Advertising on billboards or around road signs is an effective method of advertising if the company is able to capitalize on the location of the media. Basically, billboard advertisements are very useful if they are deployed at the right place in which they could garner a high volume of impressions.

Apart from that, advertisements are usually placed around road signs which means that the viewer actually look for them when finding for directions. This makes billboards a useful source for companies who like to make their products known.

Cost of Billboard advertising in Malaysia

Under most circumstances, billboard advertisements have a broad based target group. As billboards are naturally very large boards, it would involve high volume of printing material, ranging from RM10k to RM60k.

This is where the advertisement will be made from several strips of printed images placed together to form the final product and then attached to the board. Billboard advertisements can be rigid in many ways which means that it would incur some cost(production cost) to change the advertisement when needed. offers a variety of billboard spaces for rent to our business partners. If you are interested to advertise on billboards, our team of experts will guide you on the best location, matching your company budget.

Impact of Billboards advertising

Billboards are ideal advertising choices for branding purposes because impressions usually last for a few seconds but has very good impact on viewers. Apart from those located on crossroads and junctions, most viewers only have a few seconds to view the billboard. The advertisers are encouraged to impose a strong message on the billboard to try and leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Compared to other media like TV and Radio, billboard advertising is not as expensive because the company would only need to pay for booking and production fees once. The rental charges are paid in advance which means that there will be no further charges after that. This is where you only need to pay between RM50 to RM50,000 per month for the space that you would like to advertise in.

We can make the arrangements for you with the design and production of your advertisement. will advice you accordingly on suitability, availability and costing.


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