MLM Multi Level Marketing

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Some call MLM network marketing. But what most think it IS is really what it is NOT. Be in the know. Get the advantage. DO find out what it REALLY is. THEN decide if it’s for you.

Just what is multilevel marketing supposed to be? Well, if you’ve found your way to this page then perhaps it’s prudent that we discuss just exactly what an multilevel marketing (MLM) deal should look like and behave like.

Of course, it might be easier to start out telling you all that multilevel marketing is not. But let’s keep it simple…

Multilevel marketing is not supposed to be…

  • a pyramid scheme
  • nothing but scams
  • just recruiting folks into your deal and then making money off of them
  • a business opportunity that just causes you to lose money

Now let’s talk about what multi level marketing is supposed to be about…

Multi-level marketing is supposed to be…

  • enjoyable
  • about retailing products or services
  • helping others to have the same success you do
  • many people helping each other
  • a program that allows you to earn residual income
  • easy but involves a lot of work
  • ‘multi-level’ marketing

It is not supposed to be about scamming folks into your program just to make some green off of their efforts while you sit back and watch. That’s nothow multi-level marketing was designed to function way back about 65 years ago.

You see, M.L.M. stands for ‘multi-level marketing’. Multi – which means ‘many’.Level which means, in this case ‘layers’. Marketing which means ‘selling’… something. In other words, multilevelmarketing can be viewed as something that involves ‘many layers of selling’ occurring.

Now if you find a program that doesn’t involve all of these aspects then that is not a true multilevel-marketing program. If it’s only two layers deep its not ‘multi’, is it? If it doesn’t promote the retailing of products or services and just instead promotes getting yourself your few good ‘business builders’ then it’s not really about ‘marketing’ (selling) is it?

Genuine deal or program is just that. M.L.M. ‘Multi-level-marketing’. Period.

No matter what you call it – M.L.M., multilevel marketing, network marketing, relationship marketing, or whatever – the foundation of it has to be, and this is key, about many layers of people retailing or promoting a product or service.

Let me repeat that…

MLM is, Essentially, Many People Involving Many OTHER People in the Exchanging of a ‘Good’ or ‘Service’. Period.

If a program misses any one of these aspects – watch out. You may find yourself in more than just a multilevel program. You may get yourself into hot water with the law, or your spouse, or life partner. Especially when the money’s going out and the checks aren’t coming back in.

I hope my little bit of sharing here has been educational, and informative.

Now go out there and DO multi level marketing in an informed manner.
Good luck. You just might need it.


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