Invest in GSM MobileBlaster – Free Unlimited SMS Messaging

MobileBlaster is a totally new platform that you can use for your marketing campaigns especially if you are looking for a platform to reach a certain target group. It allows you to send or broadcast a message to recipients within a 1.5 to 2 kilometers radius which makes it perfect for location-based initiatives.

What is MobileBlaster exactly?

As the name implies, MobileBlaster allows you to send marketing and advertising content to your target group within a vicinity. This is determined through the size of the radius and you can determine who your target audience are. In sending out messages in this platform, all you need is a large group of users who have devices that are:

  • Connected to a local network
  • Any mobile phone brands or models

How can MobileBlaster help your business?

Using MobileBlaster means you don’t have to struggle in maximizing your advertising expenditure trying to reach the right target group. You can now determine where your target market is and send your messages there. This is influenced by the location where the demographics and profiles have already been pre-determined.

Difference between MobileBlaster and Web SMS Blasting

When you use Mobile Blaster, you save more and maximize every advertising dollar spent. This is because MobileBlaster allows you to send your messages to the right target market. With Web Bulk SMS Blast, you will have to design your message to every location through a Malaysian database which must be filtered and this is done online.

When you send a message to a shopping centre, you can be certain that the profiles of your recipients have similar buying patterns, of similar income group, age group and other demographics.

Mobile Marketing Services with Mobile Blaster

Location-specific SMS Blasting services is made possible through MobileBlaster, all types of businesses can capitalize on this digital platform to reach more customers in a short time. This includes, although not limited to the following:

Event Management – If you are organizing an event or a roadshow, GSMBlaster will enable you to spread the word to more people in the same region. You can tell everyone about your event or use the MobileBlaster to drive traffic to your booth during an exhibition.

Shopping Malls – GSM Mobile Blaster is perfect if you operate in a shopping mall. Whether it is a special discount for a day or an ongoing sale in your retail outlet, you can use this service to reach out to the visitors to tell them about your campaign.

Brand marketing – Brand owners can use GSM Blaster to enhance your brand image or to create more awareness about your campaigns. This is a great platform to tell people in the vicinity about any upcoming product launches, marketing campaigns and such.

In less than 3 hours, you can now send message to between 6,000 and 40,000 people at any time. This depends largely on the density of the population and the location where you are sending out the messages.

GSM Blaster Rental Rates and Pricing

This is the best investment you can capitalise on where the return on investment is only few months. The best is you don’t need a lot of manpower.

About MobileBlaster Machine

As the leading mobile marketing specialist, GSMBlaster is specially manufactured for this purpose. It is designed to offer maximum convenience at the lowest cost. As such, the system is very robust and reliable with the following features:

  • No Sim card is required. MobileBlaster is stand-alone machine
  • Messages can be sent between 1 and 2 kilometers radius
  • SMS messages can be sent to 80% surrounding mobile users
  • Energy efficient. MobileBlaster does not consume a lot of power. A battery pack is included which can run on its on for up to 4 hours.
  • The control panel is manageable via a web-based mobile phone
  • Supports all major languages
  • Depending on the location, MobileBlaster can send up to 40,000 messages at any one time.

MobileBlaster is being sold to more than 10 countries worldwide and the main market for this machine are Vietnam Mobile, Indonesia, China, United Arab Emirates, Cambodia and more.

This service is only intended for commercial purposes and not to send message with any political intent, illegal, unethical or scam campaigns.

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