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Is Mr Clean a good franchise opportunity?

This franchise opportunity would be ideal for anyone who is looking for a niche market. Unlike other franchise businesses which are in the mainstream businesses like food, Mr Clean is in the laundry sector which is quite unique. In one area, there would

Is Easy Pha-max a good franchise opportunity?

To venture into the Easy Pha-Max franchise business, you need to be ready to be involved in the health supplements industry. In fact, Easy Pha-Max is primarily involved in the promoting and distributing of wheatgrass-based products through a unique business model. You will

Is Mayflower Holidays a good franchise opportunity?

Yes, definitively. If you are keen in venturing into the travel and tourism industry, Mayflower Holidays would be an ideal choice because it is already very established in this sector. The initial capital might be costly but you will enjoy good ROI because

Is Le Ann Maxima a good franchise opportunity?

Besides states like Kedah and Penang, Le Ann Maxima is almost unknown in some states. This means that you will have to invest in some marketing to create more awareness among your consumers if you intend to franchise the Le Ann Maxima brand.

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