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Is Only Mee a good franchise opportunity?

There are actually a lot of F&B franchise opportunities out there and Only Mee is one which you can consider if you do not intend to pay exorbitant franchise fees and initial capital outlay. Only Mee is a Malaysian brand and has a

Is 7-Eleven a good franchise opportunity?

There are hundreds of 7-Eleven outlets across the country and this is one brand which Malaysians will not get enough of. While the initial franchise fees are quite high, venturing into this business can be quite profitable as it is an international brand.

Is Souled Out a good franchise opportunity?

Souled Out is one of the Malaysian success stories in the F&B sector. This will be an extremely good franchise opportunity to venture into if you like the service industry as Souled Out is already a very established brand name in the market.

Is Vital Years a good franchise opportunity?

Vital Years can be a sound investment opportunity if you are passionate about working with children. In fact, Vital Years benefits from having an established set of curriculum which has been trusted by parents across the country. As such, this is one franchise

Is The Bonia a good franchise opportunity?

Definitely. Bonia is one of the most established Malaysian fashion brands today. It has a long history among the consumers and is known for its contemporary design, function and value-for-money. This franchise opportunity is definitely a good one because you will already have

Is The Bangi Kopitiam a good franchise opportunity?

Bangi Kopitiam might not be the first choice of franchise you will consider if you are planning to invest into the F&B sector. This is because Bangi Kopitiam falls far behind in terms of branding and food choice as compared to the likes

Is The Ayam Penyet API a good franchise opportunity?

Not really. While the brand might capture the attention of your customers at high traffic locations, it might not draw them into purchasing. Ayam Penyet is a common dish which consumers like to take when they are having a sit-down meal. As a

Is The Daily Fresh a good franchise opportunity?

Yes definitely! Daily Fresh is a good business investment if you intend to venture into the food and snacks business. It has a good brand presence among the consumers that offers corn-in-a-cup type of items. Your business location will play an integral part

Is Apple Hotel a good franchise opportunity?

Here is a chance to run your own hotel with this franchise opportunity. Among the many different types of franchise businesses that are available in Malaysia, very few actually offer you with running and operating your own hotel. Under the Apple Hotel opportunity,

Is Clara International a good franchise opportunity?

Clara International has long been associated with premium beauty and skin care. This Malaysian brand is one which does not need extensive marketing or promotions as women who have used the products and services will be able to testify its effectiveness. The franchise

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